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Pulse Pattern Generator.

Available in PXI and MATRIQ platforms
 Pulse Pattern Generator

4-channel PPG

The PPG PXIe module is a 4-channel Pulse Pattern Generator capable of generating high-quality signals up to 30 Gbps.

Its compact PXIe form factor offers high channel density for multi-channel applications such as parallel transceiver testing.

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Programmable deemphasis and CTLE processor

Programmable PPG Tx de-emphasis and error detector receiver continuous-time linear  equalizer (CTLE) allow the user to compensate for finite coaxial cable interconnect loss.

Single platform testing

Conduct all your DUT  characterization on one platform and spend less time switching cables and patchcords between instruments.

Internal clock synthesizer

An integrated clock synthesizer for additional convenience and hassle free operation.

Extremely high channel density in PXI systems

With up to 4-channels per single slot PXIe module, fit up to 68  synchronized channels per single PXIe mainframe.

Simple, intuitive operation with CohesionUI™

CohesionUI makes it simple to control the instrument from your PC or mobile device.

  • Multi-channel Pulse Pattern Generator for 30 Gbps
  • Active optical cable testing
  • High speed SerDes characterization