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Swept Laser Source.

 Swept Laser Source



The EPIQ-Laser is no longer available to purchase. PXIe and MATRIQ form factors will be available in 2022. Please contact us for more information.


The EPIQ-Laser uses a high quality grating paired with state-of-the-art micro-electro mechanics tuning mechanism for quick, voltage-controlled wavelength tuning and exceptional reliability.

With 0.01 dB power stability and 400 nm/s high-speed scan rate, it is the perfect time-saving tool for R&D applications as well as production testing.

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Wide coverage of wavelength options

Choose from a wide range of operating wavelength ranges to suit your specific application.

High power stability

Highly stable output power ensures accurate and consistent test and measurement results.

Fine tuning resolution

Set the exact wavelength you need with EPIQ-Laser’s precision micro-electromechanics tuning.

Fast sweep speed

Save time on your DUT characterization or speed up your measurement with EPIQ-Laser’s rapid sweep speed.

Trigger at the start of each scan

The trigger output from the laser allows synchronization to the start and stop of each wavelength sweep.

Swept or step-tuning modes

Intuitive software GUI makes it simple to configure the EPIQ-Laser  in fixed, continuous or step tuning modes.

Analog power output

Provides a real-time reference of the laser’s power output for an easy integration into automated test

  • Optical component characterization
  • High density fiber-optic sensor interrogation
  • Biomedical imaging applications