Polarization Scrambler.

Available in PXI and MATRIQ platforms
 Polarization Scrambler

Pol 1100 Series

The POL-1100 Series of instruments are solid-state optical polarization scramblers. The scramblers are implemented with three solid state electro-optical phase retarders oriented 45 degrees to one another which are internally driven automatically at high frequency.

Each retarder is driven at a high enough frequency in a random matter relative to each other such that it converts any input state of the polarization in the input fiber to a random number of states evenly covering all states represented on the Poincaré sphere on the output fiber.

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High optical power handling

The de-polarizer is capable of handling up to 500 mW of optical power (+27 dBm).

Broad wavelength coverage

The Pol 110X series are offered in a variety of models to cover 1064 nm, 1310 nm, and 1550 nm wavelength regions.

Full remote control

The unit can be fully controlled through standard SCPI programming commands.

Low insertion loss and back reflection

The Pol 110X series offers exceptionally low insertion loss (typically <1 dB) so you retain more signal for better measurements.

Simple, intuitive operation with CohesionUI™

Control the instrument from your PC or mobile device. CohesionUI offers a sleek modern interface, cross device compatibility, customizable views and remote network access.

High-speed scrambling

With 18 Mega-radian per second, the depolarizer quickly scrambles the incoming signal over the entire Poincaré Sphere quickly and evenly enabling quicker power meter averaging measurements.

  • Optical Polarization Mux/DeMux testing
  • PMD tolerance testing of transceivers
  • Coherent detection testing
  • Detector/Receiver/Power measurement calibration
  • Polarization Dependent Loss
  • Power combining
  • Optical Polarization Modal Dispersion (PMD) compensation