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Transceiver Test System.

 Transceiver Test System

Customizable Transceiver Test System

The SystemPXIe is a customizable optical and electrical test system designed for high-density automated transceiver testing in Mil/Aero environments.

This flexible and scalable platform allows you to customize your system to perform a range of optical test measurements using Quantifi Photonics’ optical PXI test modules. Electrical PXI test modules provide BERT (Pulse Pattern Generation and Error Detection) for multichannel high-speed applications.

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Single platform PXIe-based optical and electrical high-density transceiver test system
  • Optical loopback system with Optical Switches, VOA and Optical Power Meters
  • Up to 1024 BERT channels (Pattern Generators and Error Detectors)
  • Multichannel BERT (PPG + ED) at data rates from 1 to 14.5 Gbps NRZ.
  • Fully integrated system including rack, power distribution and simplified cable management
  • Advanced API for full automation
  • Automated transceiver testing in Mil/Aero environments