In this webinar you’ll learn about the capabilities and advantages of using PXI-based photonics test instrumentation from Lawrence van der Vegt, Director of Test & Measurement at Quantifi Photonics.

Engineers face new challenges testing next-generation photonics devices and interconnects including Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC), Co-Packaged Optics (CPO), Silicon Photonics, optical transceivers and other advanced optical-electrical devices. These challenges arise at all stages of the product life cycle, from R&D to high-volume manufacturing.

They must also consider streamlining integration with other equipment to optimize test flows and throughput, the ability to cost-effectively test devices with rapidly increasing channel counts, and support variable test parameters. Traditional photonics test instrumentation makes this extremely difficult.

PXI is an open-standard which simplifies the integration of optical and electrical test instruments to build efficient, automated electro-optical (mixed-signal) test systems on a single platform. Since test and validation contribute significantly to overall production cost, improving test efficiency can significantly lower cost of test as well as speed up time to market.


4 pm EST, Wednesday 31 May, 2023


45 minutes + Q&A


  • Introduction to Quantifi Photonics
  • Trends and developments in photonics test
  • Advantages of PXI
  • Overview of optical test instrumentation
  • Examples of photonic applications test configurations


Lawrence van der Vegt
Director Test & Measurement
Quantifi Photonics

Lawrence has a long career in optical test and measurement in the Netherlands and United States, working with customers on a global scale. He earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering in the Netherlands and has held a variety of optics test and measurement roles at Ando, Apex Technologies, and Yenista Optics, and was a Subject Matter Expert and Product Line Manager at EXFO before joining Quantifi Photonics.


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