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Coherent optical communications.

Generate high-bandwidth, complex modulation format optical signals with our high-performance coherent optical communications and analysis solutions.

Our products use high-quality components and are calibrated for repeatable and reliable performance across a wide range of applications:

  • 400G, 600G, 800G fiber-optic communications systems R&D
  • Coherent optical transceiver and DSP development
  • Custom modulation development
  • IQ modulator automatic bias control.

IQTX – coherent optical modulation transmitter

Generate and control phase-modulated optical signals at 11 GHz, 20 GHz, 23 GHz or 40 GHz of bandwidth. Supports M-QAM, M-PSK and custom modulation formats and Baud rates beyond 64 GBaud.

Coherent optical modulation transmitter applications:

  • Coherent receiver design verification and testing
  • 400G, 600G coherent system development using multi-leveled modulation formats such as 16QAM and 64QAM
  • Stable and repeatable DP-QPSK or DP-16QAM signal generation for ICR Testing
  • Cost effective DWDM channel loading by modulating multiple carriers.

IQRX – coherent optical receiver

Coherent optical receiver for the measurement of coherent modulation formats such as QPSK, 64QAM and OFDM. High-bandwidth, low-noise architecture makes it ideal for high-quality, low-distortion coherent signal measurement. Now available in O-Band.

Coherent receiver applications:

  • Coherent DSP development
  • Coherent transmitter testing
  • Custom modulation format development
  • Mil / Aero communications R&D.

VISIQ™ – coherent optical signal analysis software

VISIQ is designed to make coherent signal analysis and DSP optimization as simple as possible. It features an intuitive user-interface that reduces the learning curve for new users, while still providing the ability for advanced users to fully customize the signal processing algorithms.

OMA – coherent optical modulation analyzer

High-performing and flexible OMA system that supports single and dual polarization PSK and QAM formats, visual signal analysis and performance parameter measurements including EVM, BER, bias errors and more.

Optical modulation analyzer applications:

  • Coherent DSP development
  • Coherent transmitter testing
  • Custom modulation format development
  • Mil / Aero communications R&D
  • Characterize 400ZR and 800ZR signals up to 140GBaud

CoRX Tester – automated coherent receiver tester

Automate the sequential measurement of your coherent receiver hardware performance to save test time and reduce human error for accurate and reliable results. The CoRx Tester measures and reports a broad range of OIF test parameters.

CoRX Tester applications:

  • Comprehensive characterization of coherent receiver hardware performance.

IQABC (Automatic Bias Controller)

The IQABC uses advanced algorithms to automatically bias control the DC voltage bias points required to control an OIF-compliant optical modulator.

IQABC applications:

  • IQ modulator bias control
  • Manual bias control for PAM generation
  • Stable QAM generation and regulation.