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Automatic Bias Controller

The IQABC uses advanced algorithms to automatically bias control the DC voltage bias points required to control an OIF-compliant optical modulator.

The easy-to-use CohesionUI™ graphical interface enables the user to quickly optimize these DC modulator voltages (either automatically or manually) for QPSK, DP-QPSK, and other M-QAM optically modulated signals.

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Format-independent ABC algorithm

The robust ABC algorithm works with any modulation formats for a truly automated operation.

Compatible with OIF standard IQ modulators

The external modulator adaptor board provides simple and quick connectivity to any IQ modulator with OIF compatibility.

Accurate & stable tracking of bias drifts

The advanced ABC algorithm constantly tracks any drift, so you get stable and repeatable results, every time.

Independent control of all DC biases

Each of I, Q or phase DC biases can be controlled independently in either automatic or manual mode.

Superior connectivity

You can control IQABC locally or remotely via USB or Ethernet. With its SCPI compatibility, the option is yours.

Easy-to-use software

CohesionUI is a modern, browser based user interface that provides access to all the functions in a clean, simple and intuitive graphical layout.

“We are delighted to have the IQABC -bias control module in our laboratory. It saves us a lot of time and effort in setting up our experiments. Its robustness to baud rates and modulation formats is remarkable. Overall, we are very pleased with everything Quantifi Photonics has offered us.”

Stephen E. Ralph, Georgia Institute of Technology