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Variable optical attenuators.

Fast attenuation speed with low insertion loss and built-in power monitoring. Operates in fixed attenuation or constant output power modes and supports SMF, MMF and PMF.

Extremely compact, cost-effective variable optical attenuators designed for streamlined testing and characterization of optical communication systems and optical components.

  • Attenuate optical power to reduce risk of damage to optical instruments and components
  • Test power level margins in a fiber optic system
  • Equalize power across multi-channel and multi-wavelength signals
  • General R&D and production optical tool.

The VOA is available in compact MATRIQ™ benchtop or PXIe form factor with SCPI control and CohesionUI™, Quantifi Photonics’ modern web-based user interface.

VOA 1000/1100/1300 Series (variable optical attenuator)

MEMS-based variable optical attenuator with fast attenuation speed, low insertion loss and in-built power meter. Its advanced power stabilization function lets you set and maintain the output power stability even when the input power fluctuates.

Variable optical attenuator applications:

  • Transceiver stress testing
  • Receiver sensitivity testing
  • Loss simulation
  • Optical power budget analysis
  • Instrument power calibration