Latest news: Discover the QCA Series Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

High-Speed I/O for AI, ML and HPC

As data centers and large-scale generative AI systems demand faster, more reliable connections, next-generation high-density optical interconnects become essential due to their high bandwidth and low latency characteristics.

Capable digital sampling oscilloscopes (DSO) are crucial in the development and testing of high-speed I/O technologies, providing precise measurement and analysis of high-speed signals.

The challenge to scale channel count

Testing communication devices with high port or channel counts is inherently difficult due to the increased complexity to ensure that each port and the device as a whole meets the necessary performance and compliance standards.

Overcoming this challenge necessitates scalable testing infrastructure while balancing capital expenditure and the ability to adapt testing infrastructure as test requirements and technologies mature. The DSO remains a critical bottleneck and requires a scalable, cost-effective platform to ramp up to the dozens or hundreds of channels new devices will use.

The new QCA Series high-speed communication analyzer is a digital sampling oscilloscope (DSO) with high-quality precision timebase and low jitter mode designed to deliver a cost-effective, scalable and high-density test solution to address the requirements for the next generation of high-speed interconnects as well as high-density ASICs.

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Solving scalability is not the single answer if performance is not sufficient. For engineers working on R&D and manufacturing of high-speed communication devices,  oscilloscopes with low jitter are indispensable for the accurate measurement and analysis of high-speed optical signals.

A low jitter timebase allows the engineer to accurately resolve transition time, enabling reliable and precise characterization of high symbol rate signals without loss of fidelity and is critical for accurate eye width and TDECQ measurements.


What’s new in oscilloscopes, hosted by Signal Integrity Journal

In this webinar hosted by Signal Integrity Journal and moderated by Professor Eric Bogatin, Dr Klaus Engenhardt, Director of Broadband Products for Quantifi Photonics, and a panel of experts from Rohde & Schwarz, RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES, Teledyne LeCroy and Siglent Technologies CO., Ltd, share their perspectives on what modern oscilloscopes offer the engineer, and what capabilities will be needed from this critical instrument to keep up with new test and measurement requirements.


Interview with Jose Pozo at ECOC 2023

Jose Pozo from Optica interviews Dr. Klaus Engenhardt from Quantifi Photonics about the company’s new digital sampling oscilloscope platform, previewing at ECOC 2023.

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