Latest news: Discover the QCA Series Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

QCA Series.

Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

The new QCA Series high-speed communication analyzer is a digital sampling oscilloscope (DSO) with high-quality precision timebase and low jitter mode designed to deliver a cost-effective, scalable and high-density test solution to address the requirements for the next generation of high-speed interconnects as well as high-density ASICs.

Its ultra-low jitter performance and unrivalled instrument density is ideally suited to perform high-precision measurements in parallel for optimized test throughput and reduced cost-of test in high-volume testing and manufacturing applications. The QCA Series can be easily integrated into existing assembly and alignment equipment.

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The QCA-1000 Series enables high-density, high-channel count, test solutions in a relatively small footprint.


Designed to meet the requirements for high channel count validation and high-volume manufacturing and testing.


Small footprint, remote control and API enable easy integration into probing and assembly equipment.


Improved test efficiency and test throughput can reduce the cost-of test and accelerate time-to-market.


Comparable feature set and predictive value (correlation) as the prohibitively expensive R&D set-ups.


The newly designed visualization and analysis software has powerful analysis capabilities and is intuitive and easy-to-use.

  • Electrical high-speed IO characterization
  • High-volume test of high-speed ICs
  • Validation testing
  • Pre-production testing
  • Jitter and eye diagram testing for:
    • Switch ASICs
    • GPUs/CPUs
    • AI/ML processing ICs
    • PAM4 DSPs
    • Repeater/extender ICs
    • Other high-speed ICs such as DACs, TIAs, and drivers