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Bit Error Rate Tester.

Available in MATRIQ and PXI platforms
 Bit Error Rate Tester

BERT 1000 Series

The BERT is a 4-channel PPG and Error Detector for the design, characterization and production of optical transceivers and opto-electrical components at data rates up to 30 Gb/s.

With scalability and exceptional signal fidelity, it is a cost effective test solution for 400 Gb/s communication eco-systems.

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Programmable deemphasis and CTLE processor

Programmable PPG Tx de-emphasis and error detector receiver continuous-time linear  equalizer (CTLE) allow the user to compensate for finite coaxial cable interconnect loss.

Built-in clock recovery

4-channel simultaneous testing in a Integrated CDR makes the BERT a versatile and easy-to-use instrument. No need for additional clock recovery hardware.

Internal clock synthesizer

An integrated clock synthesizer for additional convenience and hassle free operation.

Simple control with intuitive GUI

Save time and reduce complexity with the easy-to-use GUI. Control all channels and functions from its single panel interface.

  • Multi-channel BER Tester for 30 Gbps
  • Active optical cable testing
  • High speed SerDes characterization