Latest news: Discover the QCA Series Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

Digital sampling oscilloscopes

Our QCA Series High-Speed Communication Analyzers are digital sampling oscilloscopes (DSO) designed to deliver a capable, cost-effective, and scalable test solution to address the requirements of next-generation high-speed interconnects and high-density ASICs.

Digital sampling oscilloscopes play a crucial role in the design, development, and testing of communication systems. They are used to ensure the reliability, performance, and efficient manufacturing of next-gen components and devices:

  • Analyzing signal integrity
  • Characterizing high-speed signals
  • Generating eye diagrams
  • Testing bit error rates

QCA Series High-Speed Communication Analyzer

With ultra-low jitter performance, the QCA Series is ideal for conducting high-precision measurements in parallel to optimize test throughout and reduce the cost-of test in high-volume manufacturing applications. The QCA Series is powered by VISEYE™ analysis software and graphical user interface.


  • ATE testing for switch ASICs, GPUs/CPUs, and
    AI processing ICs
  • Electrical High-Speed I/O characterization and validation
  • 100-800G and 1.6T Ethernet