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Coherent Optical Modulation

The surge in data traffic for cloud services, streaming, and AI, has encouraged the use of coherent pluggable optical transceivers for shorter data links such as data center interconnects (DCIs) and metro DCIs. By combining high capacity, long reach, and energy efficiency, they are essential for space and power-constrained data center environments and their reduced operational costs make them a future-proof solution for expanding network capabilities to handle growing bandwidth.

The coherent optics market is predicted to reach nearly $13 billion by 2027. Pluggable transceivers are projected to grow at the highest rate and contribute most of the volume growth for the next five years. Coherent optics deployed on router & switch platforms will account for more than 50 percent of the annual increase in transceiver shipments throughout the forecast period… due to the availability of ZR Optics, beginning with 400ZR and carrying through to 1600ZR.”


Coherent optical transmission also has applications beyond traditional fiber optic networks such as free space optics, satellite and space links, and quantum/secure communications. The role of coherent optical systems is likely to expand, offering new capabilities and improving performance across a broad spectrum of applications, however development typically requires advanced test and measurement equipment as well as specialist expertise, which can be a limiting factor.

Typical coherent signal generation and analysis equipment

Our high-performance coherent optical communications and analysis solutions generate and analyze high-bandwidth, end-to-end complex modulation format optical signals for research and product development. With our innovative VISIQ™ software, the OMA system can include new or existing real-time oscilloscopes from Keysight, Tektronix or Teledyne-Lecroy.

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Innovative VISIQ™  analysis software

VISIQ™ is the new coherent optical signal analysis software for today’s pioneering optical engineers. With an intuitive user interface, enhanced analysis, and extended feature set, VISIQ is designed to make coherent signal analysis and DSP optimization as simple as possible; improving productivity of  engineering resources and reducing the learning curve for new users.

VISIQ is the first software platform to enable coherent signal analysis on high-performance real-time oscilloscopes from the three leading oscilloscope manufacturers.


Navigating Complexity in Optical Networking: Challenges and Solutions for Coherent Optics

In this webinar together with ElectroRent and Lumentum, we explore the latest technology and application trends in coherent optical communications, which shows a surge in adoption within data centers and between hyperscale data centers. This trend is propelled by the ongoing demand for improved, energy-efficient, high-capacity transceivers to meet the evolving needs of global networks.

We also delve into a novel approach to testing coherent transmitters, poised to accelerate the widespread adoption of coherent optical technology across diverse applications.


Selecting the Right Optical Modulation Analyzer (OMA) for Manufacturing Test

One of the key questions OMA users should ask is “how much bandwidth do I need for my OMA system?” In this application note, we take a deep dive into the relationship between signal bandwidth and Optical Modulation Analyzer bandwidth, and clarify how much bandwidth is required to test coherent-based modulation formats in a manufacturing setting.

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