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Optical Modulation Analyzer

In partnership with Tektronix, we bring you a high-performing and flexible OMA system that will meet your requirements today and into the future.

With the market-leading performance of Quantifi Photonics’ IQRX coherent receiver and the scalable architecture of Tektronix’s high-performing oscilloscopes, you’ll get the most out of your investment. Use the stack as a single 70GHz OMA system, or use it as four independent oscilloscopes.

Whether you are working with 100G coherent transceivers or 1 Terabit long haul communication systems, our OMA can be configured to suit your exact requirements.

  • Supports single and dual polarization PSK and QAM formats
  • Visual signal analysis using constellation and eye diagrams
  • Performance parameter measurement including EVM, BER, Bias errors and more
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High-performance, low-noise coherent receiver

IQRX™ is the gold standard coherent receiver with market-leading performance. It is designed and built using the highest performing discrete fiber optic components to provide superior fidelity measurement of coherently modulated signals.

Full characterization of coherent modulation formats

Complete coherent signal analysis for polarization-multiplexed QPSK, QAM, differential BPSK/QPSK, and other advanced modulation formats.

Dual polarization measurement

IQRX houses polarization selective hardware to characterize polarization multiplexed signals. LO input, signal input and internal laser outputs all use polarization maintaining (PM) fiber for the highest versatility.

Built-in narrow linewidth tunable laser

IQRX comes with a built-in narrow 25 KHz instantaneous linewidth laser, making it ideal for coherent modulation formats that require high phase stability.

Multi-system configuration

Simultaneously displays data from multiple OMAs at same or different wavelengths, simplifying multi-channel measurements.

Superchannel measurement made simple

Superchannel configuration allows you to define number of channels, channel frequency, and channel modulation format.

  • Coherent DSP development
  • Coherent transmitter testing
  • Custom modulation format development
  • Mil / Aero communications R&D
  • Characterize 400ZR and 800ZR signals up to 140GBaud
Selecting the Right Optical Modulation Analyzer (OMA) for Manufacturing Test

One of the key questions OMA users should ask is “how much bandwidth do I need for my OMA system?” In this application note, we take a deep dive into the relationship between signal bandwidth and Optical Modulation Analyzer bandwidth, and clarify how much bandwidth is required to test coherent-based modulation formats in a manufacturing setting.

Selecting the Right Optical Modulation Analyzer (OMA) for Manufacturing Test