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CoRx Tester.

CoRx Tester

Automated Coherent Receiver Tester

Quantifi Photonics’ CoRx Tester provides automated measurement of key coherent receiver performance parameters. The CoRx Tester is comprised of a pre-configured PXI chassis, a two-channel tunable laser, a polarization controller, and a two-channel Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) with built-in power meter. Just connect the two optical outputs to your Integrated Coherent Receiver (ICR), connect your ICR to the oscilloscope and let the CoRx Tester software do all the rest.

The CoRx Tester works with Tektronix’s SX series of real-time oscilloscopes which forms the most flexible and versatile Optical Modulation Analyzer (OMA). When paired with an IQRX coherent receiver, the CoRx Tester provides key hardware performance characterization in addition to the OMA signal analysis.

The PXI chassis and modules can also be used for general purpose testing. We offer a wide variety of optical test modules that you can add to your system as needed, making the CoRx Tester a flexible and versatile tool for any environment.

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Automated sequential testing.

The laser, VOA and polarization controller automate the sequential measurement of coherent receiver hardware performance to save you valuable test time and reduce human error for accurate and reliable results, everytime.

Vast coverage of key OIF Test parameters.

CoRx Tester measures and reports a broad range of OIF test parameters, with plans of continuous expansion of the measurement parameters via software upgrade and hardware add-ons.

Intuitive dedicated software.

CoRx Tester comes with a dedicated software equipped with automatic device discovery to greatly simplify the test set up procedure. The software gives access to all the measurement parameters and graphs, giving you full insight into your device’s performance.

Built-in controller for remote communication.

The PXI system has a built-in PC controller module which provides fast and flexible access to each internal components to enable easy remote communication and automation.

CohesionUI™ for individual PXI machines.

The individual PXI optical modules can be controlled from the CohesionUI web-based software. This interface can be accessed from any device on the same network with a web browser.


The PXI platform enables you to use the test platform for a multitude of other test configurations. PXI supports lasers, VOAs, switches, power meters polarization controllers and more modules coming soon.