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Passive component integration.

Integrate passive optical components of your choice such as WDM couplers, splitters, band-pass filters, PM beamsplitters and circulators. PXIe and benchtop models support SMF, MMF and PMF.

Passive customizable module (passive optical component integration)

The Passive is a highly customizable module that can integrate the passive components of your choice for convenient storage and integration into your test set up.

Optical to electrical converter integrations:

  • WDM couplers
  • Splitters
  • Circulators
  • Band-pass filters
  • PM beamsplitters
  • MUX, DeMUX
  • Other passive components of your choice.

Tray component storage (optical component integration)

The Tray PXI module stores your fragile passive fiber optic components such as splitters, patchcords, WDM couplers, and isolators in one convenient module.

Optical component storage:

  • Organize your test setup for higher productivity
  • Protect fragile fiber pigtails of optical components.