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PXI platform

Our PXI optical and electrical test modules bring a wide range of new integrated optical and electro-optical test capabilities to the PXI platform.

  • Compatible with over 1500 electrical test modules from over 70 vendors
  • Advanced synchronization and triggering for automated test systems
  • Generate reliable and repeatable results across a wide range of applications
  • Extremely high-channel density, small footprint and reduced power consumption
  • Increased efficiency and test throughput
  • Reduce cost of test and lower production costs


Optical Attentuators

Variable Optical Attenuator

Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Optical-Electrical Converters

Optical-Electrical Converter

Optical Switches

Optical Switch

Electrical Signal Test

PAM4 Bit Error Rate Tester

Coherent Optical Communications


CoRx Tester

Passive Component Integration

Passive Component Integration