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PXI platform

Our PXI optical and electrical test modules bring a wide range of new integrated optical and electro-optical test capabilities to the PXI platform.

  • Compatible with over 2500 test modules from other vendors
  • Advanced synchronization and triggering for automated test systems
  • Generate reliable and repeatable results across a wide range of applications
  • Extremely high-channel density, small footprint and reduced power consumption
  • Increased efficiency and test throughput
  • Reduce cost of test and lower production costs


Optical Attentuators

Variable Optical Attenuator

Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Optical-Electrical Converters

Optical-Electrical Converter

Optical Switches

Optical Switch

Polarization Conditioners

Polarization Controller and Scrambler

Electrical Signal Test

PAM4 Bit Error Rate Tester

Coherent Optical Communications

CoRx Tester

Passive Component Integration

Passive Component Integration