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Optical Spectrum Analyzer.

Available in PXI and MATRIQ platforms
 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

OSA 1000 Series

The OSA 1000 Series provides grating-based spectral test and measurement. It is an excellent fit for the testing of optical sources, amplifiers, transceivers and passive optical components.

The OSA is available  in a range of wavelengths for different applications, so you pay only for the capabilities you need.

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Grating-based architecture

Accurate measurement of optical spectrum without artifacts: good dynamic range, high optical throughput, high spectral resolution and high wavelength accuracy.

Range of wavelengths

Choose the model that meet your requirements and pay for only the capabilities you need. OSA can also be customized to other customer specified wavelength range.

Fast sweeping speed

OSA has been designed with a fast scanning time optimized for production and manufacturing test.

Seamless PXI integration for single platform testing

Take advantage of PXI’s integrated triggering and synchronization capabilities across electrical and optical instruments and conduct all your DUT characterization on one test platform.

Simple, intuitive operation with CohesionUI™

CohesionUI makes it simple to control the OSA from your PC or mobile device. Its cutting edge design offers  a sleek modern interface, cross device compatibility, customizable views and remote network access.

  • Power and wavelength measurements
  • High-resolution spectral analysis on optical components
  • WDM channel monitoring
  • Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR) measurements
  • Side-mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) measurements
  • Passive component spectral response characterization
  • Data modulation analysis
  • Modulator bias adjustments
  • General purpose spectral analysis R&D labs
  • Gain equalization