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Optical Switch.

Available in PXI and MATRIQ platforms
 Optical Switch

Automated Optical Switch

Add optical switching capability to your test system with Quantifi Photonics’ automated optical switches. The fast and reliable optical switch will enable automated sequential testing, saving time and streamlining your test procedures.

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Wide coverage of operational wavelengths

One versatile tool to cover a wide variety of applications.

High repeatability

High repeatability ensures that your  measurements are reliable and consistent over time.

High durability, > 3 x 107 cycles

High switch lifecycle of 30 million operations ensures you get reliable hassle-free usage, for a long time.

Supports single and multi-mode applications

Available in either single-mode or multi-mode fiber options for a seamless integration into your setup.

Polarization maintaining output

On the polarization maintaining (PM) models, the slow axis of polarization is aligned with the output  connector key as per industry standards. The user may choose to use polarization maintaining (PM) fiber or standard singlemode fiber (SMF).

Wide variety of port configurations

Choose the number of ports and switching configuration to suit your specific application.

Convenient park feature

The in-built park feature on applicable models provides the convenient functionality of an optical shutter.

Highly customizable

The Switch can be customized with a wide range of switch configurations, fiber types and connectors.

Our specification sheet contains the most popular configurations. If you don’t see what you need, please contact us to discuss your requirements.