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Polarization conditioners.

High-speed software controlled polarization control and polarization scrambling with broad wavelength coverage, low insertion loss and back reflection.

Our polarization conditioning instruments are designed to conveniently control and scramble the polarization of optical signals.

  • Polarization dependent testing procedures
  • Easy-to-use optical communications R&D instrument.

They are available in compact MATRIQ™ benchtop or PXIe form factor with SCPI control and CohesionUI™, Quantifi Photonics’ modern web-based user interface.

POL 1000 Series (polarization controller and scrambler)

Rotate or scramble the polarization of your signal with this high-speed automated polarization controller using intuitive software or SCPI commands.

Polarization controller applications:

  • PDL measurement of DUT
  • ICR parameter testing
  • Polarization selection.

POL 1200 Series (high-speed polarization controller)

High speed automated polarization control for polarization dependent testing procedures in high-volume manufacturing environments.

Polarization controller applications:

  • Silicon photonics device testing
  • Polarization dependent testing
  • Versatile polarization control instrument