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High-Speed Polarization Controller.

 High-Speed Polarization Controller

Pol 1200 Series

The 1200 Series Polarization Controller delivers extremely high speed automated polarization control for polarization dependent testing procedures in high-volume manufacturing environments.

It will quickly and accurately allow the user to measure critical polarization characteristic of components both in wafer-level testing and component testing.

With three operating modes, it is a versatile instrument, capable of supporting the product lifecycle from R&D, to validation and manufacturing.

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Three operating modes

A flexible and capable instrument with three modes of operation: Scan and Optimize, Manual and Depolarize.

High-speed operation

Extremely fast signal optimization for polarization dependent testing.

Low insertion loss

Design ensures exceptionally low insertion loss.

High optical power handling

The unit is capable of handling up to 500 mW of optical power (+25 dBm).

Full software control

No need to adjust paddles or tension screws, use SCPI or gRPC programming commands, LabVIEW, or our intuitive browser-based GUI.

Comprehensive triggering capabilities

Control the behavior of the instrument in PXI with input triggers. The instrument also provides output triggers that can be used to synchronize instruments such as our optical power meters or tunable lasers.

Single-slot PXIe module

As a compact, single-slot PXIe module, it can be integrated with our range of optical and electrical test modules to build flexible, scalable and high-density test systems.

  • Silicon photonics device testing
  • Polarization dependent testing
  • Versatile polarization control instrument