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Variable Optical Attenuator.

Available in PXI and MATRIQ platforms
 Variable Optical Attenuator

VOA 1000 / 1100 / 1300 Series

The VOA Series is a MEMS-based variable optical attenuator with fast attenuation speed, low insertion loss and in-built power meter. Its advanced power stabilization function lets you set and maintain the output power stability even when the input power fluctuates.

It is available in singlemode, multimode and polarization maintaining fiber types and various wavelengths to suit a wide range of applications.

With 2 channels in a single PXIe slot, it provides high channel density solution for easy integration in the versatile PXI platform.

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Wide coverage of operational wavelengths

One versatile tool to cover a wide variety of applications.

Fast attenuation speed

Fast attenuation speed minimizes the down time during changes in attenuation settings to shorten your overall test time.

Built in power monitoring capability

Eliminate the need for an extra power meter with built-in power monitoring capability.

SM, PM and Multimode options

Available in your choice of fiber types to fit into your existing optical setup.

Constant power output mode

With the built-in closed-loop power monitoring, the VOA can operate in the constant power output mode  to stabilize fluctuating input power.

Low insertion loss

Maximize your power budget with low insertion loss.

Simple, intuitive operation with CohesionUI™

CohesionUI makes it simple to control the VOA from your PC or mobile device. Its cutting edge design  offers a sleek modern interface, cross device compatibility, customizable views and remote network access.

Seamless PXI integration

Take advantage of PXI’s integrated triggering and synchronization capabilities across electrical and optical instruments.

  • Transceiver stress testing
  • Receiver sensitivity testing
  • Loss simulation
  • Optical power budget analysis
  • Instrument power calibration
  • EDFA gain linearity test
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