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PAM4 Bit Error Rate Tester.

 PAM4 Bit Error Rate Tester


The BERT-1102 is an 8-channel PPG and Error Detector for the design, characterization and manufacturing test of optical transceivers and opto-electrical components with symbol rates up to 29 GBaud/s in both NRZ and PAM4 formats.

With scalability and exceptional signal fidelity, it is a cost-effective test solution for up to 400 Gb/s communication eco-systems.

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Programmable deemphasis and CTLE processor

Programmable 7-tap PPG Tx de-emphasis and error detector receiver continuous-time linear equalizer (CTLE) allow the user to compensate for finite coaxial cable interconnect loss.

Single platform testing

Conduct all your DUT characterization on one platform (optical and electrical testing can be integrated in PXIe) and spend less time switching cables and patchcords between instruments.

Built-in clock recovery

Each error detect channel has its own independent, simultaneous, lock-and-data recovery (CDR); this makes BERT testing a versatile and easy-to-use instrument. There is no need for additional clock recovery hardware.

Simple control with CohesionUI

Save time and reduce complexity with the easy-to-use CohesionUI graphical user interface. Control all channels and functions from its single panel interface (including all other Quantifi Photonics modules in the system from the same intuitive interface).

Internal clock synthesizer

An integrated clock synthesizer is provided internally as part of the PPG for additional convenience and hassle-free operation. No external clock generator is required.

Extremely high channel density in PXI

With 8-channels per two-slot PXIe module, fit up to 64 synchronized 29 GBaud channels (with either NRZ or PAM4 per channel) per single 19inch PXIe mainframe.

  • Multi-channel BER Tester for optical or electrical transceivers running up to 29 GBaud per channel
  • Active optical cable testing
  • High speed SerDes, clock-data-recovery, and laser-driver testing and characterization
  • General purpose 29GBaud Pulse Pattern Generator (NRZ and PAM4)
  • Automated testing for manufacturing, utilizing PXIe platform’s extensive support modules for all other types of optical and electrical testing in a single PXIe platform.
100G and 400G Optical Transceiver Test Configurations

Defining and configuring a tightly integrated test system that can scale with the many SFP Application Codes of optical transceivers can be challenging. By selecting a flexible and future-proof test platform, many of the common challenges can be overcome. This in-depth video provides an overview of 100G and 400G transceiver test configurations using a PXI system.

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Testing Considerations for High-Density Co-Packaged Optical Devices

This white paper provides an overview of the work underway to ensure the interoperability of co-packaged optical devices for a variety of high-bandwidth applications, and discusses how to address the testing challenges coming with this new technology.

Testing Considerations for High-Density Co-Packaged Optical Devices
Testing Optical Transceivers Designed for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Optical transceivers are increasingly being deployed into non-datacom applications in the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. In this application note, using the PXI platform we will showcase some of the common test configurations designed for transceivers which use multi-fiber channels of multimode fiber (MMF), running at the wavelength range of 850nm.

Testing Optical Transceivers Designed for Aerospace and Defense Applications