Coherent Optical Signal Analysis Software

VISIQ™ is the new coherent optical signal analysis software designed for today’s pioneering optical engineers.

With an intuitive user interface, enhanced analysis, and extended feature set, VISIQ is designed to make coherent signal analysis and DSP optimization as simple as possible; driving significant productivity improvements of scarce engineering resources, and reducing the learning curve for new users.

VISIQ is the first software platform to enable coherent signal analysis on high-performance real-time oscilloscopes from the three leading oscilloscope manufacturers.

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Oscilloscope agnostic

VISIQ works with high-speed oscilloscopes from manufacturers including Keysight Technologies, Tektronix and Teledyne Lecroy.

User-friendly GUI

Features a modern user-friendly interface designed for novices and experts, streamlining the analysis process and reducing the learning curve.

Intuitive DSP pipeline

VISIQ features drag-and-drop reconfigurable functional nodes for intuitive configuration of analysis workflow. This approach allows users to try different DSP configurations with immediate feedback, so the users can quickly learn how to optimize their coherent DSP and detect and address any signal anomalies or performance fluctuations.

Automatic hardware discovery and integrated hardware control

VISIQ automatically discovers compatible coherent receiver and oscilloscope hardware on the USB or Ethernet network. Users can also control the oscilloscope, coherent receiver and the internal laser within the VISIQ software interface.

Broad technology support

Supports O-band coherent modulation analysis with Quantifi Photonics’ O-band IQRX, in addition to C- and L-band, as well as development of next-generation 800ZR and 1600 ZR coherent transceivers.

Improved efficiency

Coherent receiver auto calibration, auto baud rate detection, adaptive equalizer and nonlinear correction algorithms significantly reduce the set-up time and optimize system performance.

Powerful adaptive equalizers

VISIQ’s advanced equalizer algorithm can be set to train over multiple iterations to test the boundaries of DSP signal optimization and boost test efficiency.

Remote control and automation

VISIQ supports SCPI and gRPC controls for test automation.

  • Coherent DSP development
  • Coherent transceiver testing
  • Custom modulation format development
  • Mil / Aero communications R&D