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Fixed Wavelength CW Laser Source (FP).

Available in MATRIQ and PXI platforms
 Fixed Wavelength CW Laser Source (FP)

Laser 1100 Series

The Laser-1102 is a Continuous Wave (CW) laser source offering high power 850 nm output into multimode fiber with stable output power operation.

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Enhanced power uniformity

Smart calibration minimizes inter-channel power variance with enhanced power uniformity between channels.

Up to +10 dBm optical output power

High-power options provide as high as +10 dBm output power.

High power stability

Highly stable output power ensures accurate and consistent test and measurement results.

Multimode testing

Ideal for multimode datacom interconnect testing in the 850 nm wavelength operating window.

OM3 fiber

50 µm multimode OM3 fiber launch similar to most datacom 850 nm links.

4 lasers per instrument

Achieve high channel density with up to 4 channels in an ultra-compact form factor.

  • Stable 850 nm laser source for testing multimode OM3 fiber links
  • Datacom SR4, SR8 interconnect testing
  • General purpose stable multimode fiber light source for datacom and physics
  • 850 nm receiver responsivity testing