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Optical Power Meter.

Available in MATRIQ and PXI platforms
 Optical Power Meter

Power 1400 Series

The Power 1400 Series optical power meter provides fast monitoring of signal power from -60 to +10 dBm and broad wavelength range of 750 to 1700 nm. With a logarithmic amplifier, it avoids gain-jumps faced by multi-stage linear amplifier power meters.

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Data logging capability

Data logging of up to 1024 samples is available on 2 channels, so you can capture transient events with ease.

Single logarithmic amplifier

Use of a logarithmic amplifier eliminates the gain jumps exhibited by power meters with multi-stage linear amplifiers. Get consistent and reliable measurement at all power levels.

Simple, intuitive operation with CohesionUI™

Control the 1400 Series optical power meter from your PC or mobile device. Plus, large format view mode makes it easy to monitor your instrument even when working away from your desk.

  • Fiber optic manufacturing test
  • Power measurement integration for automated test systems
  • Fiber optic laser test and characterization
  • General and versatile R&D and production tool