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Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating Pulse Analyzer

The IQFROG measures pulse intensity and phase in both spectral and temporal domains, yielding a complete pulse characterization. With its long delay arm and high resolution spectrometer, it measures chirped pulses up to 50 ps wide, or up to 10 ps wide if the pulse is transform limited. The IQFROG is available in 1.0 and 1.5 micron wavelengths.

The IQFROG 1.0 μm is ideal for seed laser pulses for chirped pulse amplification (CPA).

The IQFROG 1.5 μm is ideal for C-band femtosecond and picosecond pulsed fiber lasers.

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High spectral resolution

The FROG measurement technique requires the measurement of second harmonic spectrum of the pulse. The resolution of the spectral measurement often limits the broadest pulse width that a pulse analyzer can measure, most other competitive products can only measure pulses less than 1ps. The IQFROG has a built-in high-resolution spectrometer to enable measurement of transform-limited pulses of up to 10 ps width, or broader if the pulse has a frequency chirp.

Long temporal scan range

The IQFROG uses a long mechanical translation stage to provide up to 200 ps of scan range to allow autocorrelation measurement of up to 50 ps long pulses. It is one of the few pulse analyzers on the market which can measure such broad picosecond pulses, as well as short pulses down to 300 fs width. In comparison the competitive SPIDER technique is limited in the ability to measure pulses broader than 1 ps.

Autocorrelator function

The IQFROG can scan and save autocorrelation traces. Even if the pulse is too broad (with a very narrow spectral width) or is unsuitable for FROG recovery. The IQFROG can be used as an autocorrelator and measure pulses up to 50 ps.

Connectorized input

The connectorized input makes coupling of the beam easy and fast by eliminating the need to align the beam into the unit manually. IQFROG is by far the most easy-to-use optical pulse analyzer on the market.

Full software control

The mechanical control, alignment and tuning is fully-controlled by the software, meaning there’s no need for manual adjustment.

How it works

The FROG – Frequency-Resolved Optical Gating Pulse Analyzer is a spectrally resolved Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) autocorrelator.

It can resolve sub-picosecond pulses since it is not limited by the response time of the detector. At each delay position on the autocorrelation, a complete SHG spectrum is measured, recording both the spectral and temporal characteristics of the pulse simultaneously.

The two dimensional plot of SHG spectrum as a function of delay is referred to as a `spectrogram’. Once a spectrogram has been measured, a fast mathematical recovery algorithm is used to completely recover all the characteristics of the pulse, including pulse shape, spectrum, chirp and group delay.

  • Erbium doped fibre laser testing
  • Seed laser pulse characterization
  • Compressor design
  • High speed communications link characterization
  • Optimization of dispersion compensation
  • Optoelectronic component characterization
  • Soliton characterization
  • Nonlinear optical property characterization