Quantifi Photonics, a leader in high-density photonics test and measurement, is excited to announce the appointment of Dr Klaus Engenhardt to lead the company’s growth in Europe as Director of Sales and General Manager EMEA.

The newly-established role comes at an important time for the company as it ramps up development of solutions that enable manufacturers to complete full parallel testing of high-density devices in the smallest and most accurate and reliable instruments available.

The industry faces a disruptive ramp-up in optical interconnect port count to support datacenter bandwidth and AI and machine learning workloads, which will require leveraging photonics technologies for traditional electrical communication links.

Dr Andy Stevens, CEO and co-founder of Quantifi Photonics says, “Klaus is a highly-respected and well-known leader in the photonics industry. His vast experience in optical communication, high-bandwidth electro-optical design and photonic integrated circuits will be hugely supportive to our customers in Europe and the Middle East as they face new test challenges, particularly the new generation of high-density electro-optical devices in development.”

With over 20 years’ experience working at the leading edge of test and measurement, Dr Engenhardt has held the roles of CTO for EMEA at Tektronix, Senior Director of Technology at Multilane, and most recently Technical & Strategy Lead for Telecom and PIC Testing at Keysight Technologies. 

He has also been a regular participant in international standards and industry organizations (OIF, IEEE, EPIC) and has a strong interest in the advancement of Integrated Photonics as a technology platform for communication applications.

Dr Engenhardt says “Scalability in photonic transceiver testing will be a critical enabler for networking and computing applications and Quantifi Photonics is in a strong position to support the industry in this transition. I’m excited to join such a passionate team and look forward to bringing Quantifi Photonics’ innovative solutions to the photonics community in Europe.”

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