The latest funding will fast track development of high-density test solutions for datacom and telecom equipment manufacturers, critical to support the ramp to 800G.

Quantifi Photonics, an emerging leader in high-density photonics test and measurement, announced today that it has secured US $15 million in a fully-subscribed Series C capital raise. 

Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel Corporation, led the round which was fully supported by existing New Zealand investors Pacific Channel, Nuance Connected Capital, Simplicity, K1W1, NZ Growth Capital Partners and UniServices. Early investor Punakaiki Fund remains the largest shareholder.

“Intel Capital’s investment will help us carry out our strategy and seize the market for the high-value test instruments required to support the rapidly growing transceiver market, which is projected to exceed US $14B by the year 2026,” said Dr. Andy Stevens, CEO and co-founder of Quantifi Photonics.

Setting its sights on the high-density photonic test market, Quantifi Photonics plans to offer fully integrated test systems for optical transceivers, silicon photonics and co-packaged optical devices that are emerging from R&D labs onto high-volume production lines.

“Silicon photonics is a key technique in the future of the semiconductor and telecommunications industries, especially with the increasing bandwidth requirements for data center and 5G/6G applications,” said Sean Doyle, Managing Director at Intel Capital. “The Quantifi ​​Photonics team has the potential to supply critical test and measurement solutions to the market at large.”

“By working extremely closely with customers such as Intel, we understand their challenges and can begin to anticipate what they might need in 6, 12 or 24 months’ time. As a result, we’re rapidly developing a new generation of high-density test solutions that are critical to unlocking the potential of 800G technologies,” says Dr. Stevens.

Quantifi Photonics is seeing growing interest in new high-density test solutions, such as their 288-channel optical power meter released at OFC 2022. The company designs these products specifically for manufacturers of next-gen optical transceivers and co-packaged optical devices that use an extremely high number of parallel channels used to transmit data at speeds of up 52 terabits per second.

Quantifi Photonics is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with wholly-owned subsidiaries in the USA and Thailand. The company plans to grow its R&D and manufacturing teams and expand its sales and customer support capabilities in the USA and Europe to capitalize on the significant growth in optical communication networks around the world.

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