The Laser 2000 Series is a compact and cost-effective laboratory-grade swept tunable laser that can be operated as a step-tuned, swept-wavelength, or fixed-wavelength CW laser source.

Many optical devices, waveguides, and photonic integrated circuits (PIC) must be characterized and tested for wavelength-dependent performance. The Laser 2000 Series can quickly scan the typical wavelength ranges utilized by DWDM and CWDM optical datacom and telecom transmission signals, or be set at specific wavelengths within that range.

The Laser 2000 Series uses a high quality grating paired with state-of-the-art micro-electromechanics for quick, voltage-controlled wavelength tuning and excellent repeatability. It offers 0.01 dB power stability and a high-speed scan rate of 400 nm/s, making it an ideal time-saving tool for high-volume production testing.

With PXIe compatibility and built-in synchronization trigger inputs and outputs, users can easily synchronize the laser sweep with other measurement tools such as optical power meters, spectrum analyzers, and oscilloscopes to quickly build flexible and scalable test systems that can be adapted over time to meet changing requirements.

Kees Propstra, VP Marketing and GM Quantifi Photonics USA says, “The Laser 2000 Series is our latest product designed to fill an important gap in the market. By combining its small footprint, fast scan speed and PXIe compatibility, it is ideal for high-volume automated test applications, which is a challenging niche for photonics device developers and manufacturers currently. I’m very proud to offer this innovative instrument to customers and look forward to showing off the Laser 2000 Series at Photonics West this year.”

See the Laser 2000 Series on display at the Quantifi Photonics booth 4736, at Photonics West from 31 January to 2 February, 2023.

The Laser 2000 Series is a laboratory-grade O-band or C-band swept tunable laser that can be operated as both a step-tuned or swept-wavelength laser source.

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