By Kees Propstra,
VP Marketing & General Manager Quantifi Photonics USA

Recently, Quantifi Photonics joined the Consortium for On-Board Optics (COBO), an industry collaboration developing specifications for interchangeable and interoperable embedded optics.

Founded in 2016, COBO was one of the first organizations to push for the densification of optical interconnects. The aim is to bring optics closer to the ASIC to reduce power consumption while increasing bandwidth and channel density, and ultimately provide a much-needed boost to the data-processing capacity of network equipment (switches, servers) in data centers.

To achieve this, COBO brings together a broad spectrum of technology partners to define the future of optical interconnects. A good example is the Co-Packaged and Pluggable Optics Industry Summit hosted by COBO and Optica in October 2022 in Silicon Valley. At this event, a wide selection of companies from across the ecosystem including hyperscalers, system integrators, and optics providers, came together to discuss the future of data center interconnects.

Quantifi Photonics is uniquely positioned to play a dominant role in this ecosystem as a test and measurement solution provider. We are cooperating with leading manufacturers to develop new high-density photonic test instrumentation, enabling the full parallel testing of high-channel-count devices. We also offer a wide variety of optical test functions which are all required during the entire product life cycle; for R&D, to characterization/validation, all the way through to manufacturing and deployment.

The work of COBO represents a significant opportunity to progress and improve critical infrastructure of today’s modern world. As the first test and measurement company to join this organization, we’re excited by the opportunity to play an important role bringing these new technologies to market.

For more information about COBO, its mission and working groups, visit

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Testing Considerations for High-Density Co-Packaged Optical Devices

This white paper provides an overview of the work underway to ensure the interoperability of co-packaged optical devices for a variety of high-bandwidth applications, and discusses how to address the testing challenges coming with this new technology.

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