Quantifi Photonics is excited to announce it has joined the NI Partner Network as a system integrator.

As a system integrator and NI’s supplier of PXI optical test modules, the company develops and deploys customized PXI test and measurement systems to address a range of photonics test applications.

“We’ve been working closely with NI since 2018 and witnessed continued evolution of customer needs,” says Andy Stevens, CEO of Quantifi Photonics. “The requirements of test and measurement applications are growing in complexity, and engineers demand fast and efficient testing systems at the same time.”

It’s an important milestone for the company and offers more opportunities to work with a broader range of customers in the PXI ecosystem as well as introducing new customers to the advantages of the PXI platform.

Customer feedback suggests that emerging test requirements aren’t well-addressed by commercially available systems, particularly for mixed-signal or electro-optical applications. By combining Quantifi Photonics’ PXI optical test modules with NI’s PXI portfolio, a single-platform solution is a compelling alternative to a typical multi-vendor system.

Quantifi Photonics has successfully delivered mixed-signal test systems to cover a range of photonics applications such as optical transceiver testing, silicon photonics manufacturing and Photonic Doppler Velocimetry (PDV).

“Customers are looking for turn-key solutions that meet their specific needs, and we’re working hard on delivering the best solutions on the market. We have a robust roadmap of new products to expand test capabilities on the PXI platform, so it’s an exciting time for the company,” says Andy.

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