The live demo will show Ayar Labs’ SuperNova™ remote light source and Quantifi Photonics’ Optical Spectrum Analyzer OSA-1000 to visualize the multi-wavelength capability of this ground-breaking external light source.

Remote or external light sources are critical for AI, optical I/O, co-packaged optics, and optical computing. They power optical interconnects and offer scalability and greater serviceability to minimize down time.

The SuperNova is the first CW-WDM MSA compliant light source. With up to 16 wavelengths of light delivered into 16 fibers, it is capable of supplying light for 256 channels of data, or 16 Tbps. When combined with Ayar Labs TeraPHY™ optical I/O chiplet,  the solution provides up to 5x higher data rates and 10x lower latency while being 8x more power efficient compared to traditional interconnects.

Quantifi Photonics’ OSA-1000 Optical Spectrum Analyzer quickly characterizes the optical characteristics of light sources, such as power level, center wavelength, and side-mode suppression ratio. It is ideal for high-volume production testing and is designed to be used with Quantifi Photonics’ range of  photonic test instruments, such as tunable lasers, polarization controllers, and arrays of optical power meters, to form complete optical test solutions for component and module characterization. All are available in the industry-standard PXIe form factor to streamline integration and software control, as well as regular benchtop form factor.

“External light sources such as Ayar Labs’ SuperNova address a critical requirement for development and rollout of next-generation optical networks”, says Kees Propstra, VP of Marketing and General Manager of Quantifi Photonics USA Inc.

“The high-volume production of new technologies also requires scalable test solutions like our OSA-1000 to test and validate performance before they are deployed in real networks. This live demonstration is a good example of ecosystem partners working together to remove bottlenecks and support the demanding compute and data transfer requirements of large-scale generative AI systems.”

The demonstration will run from 26-28 March at booth 1331 at OFC 2024, the premier conference and exhibition for the optical communications industry.

Ayar Labs will also be demonstrating the industry’s first CW-WDM MSA compliant 16-wavelength light source live in booth 1511 at OFC. The second-generation SuperNova can drive 256 optical carriers for 16 Tbps of bi-directional bandwidth – a level of bandwidth essential for AI workloads.

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