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Test. Measure. Solve.

We solve complex test and measurement challenges in photonics with experience and innovation.

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The world evolves, and so do we.

As optical communication technologies find new applications, our customers require new solutions to solve increasingly complex test and measurement challenges.

Formerly known as Coherent Solutions, our new name reflects our mission to transform the world of photonics test and measurement across new and existing areas of expertise.

Our portfolio of photonics and electrical test instruments is expanding to meet the needs of engineers and scientists across the globe.


> Coherent optical communications

> Optical transceiver testing

> Turnkey solutions and system integration

> General purpose photonics test instruments

From enabling ground-breaking experiments to driving highly efficient production testing, you’ll find us working with customers to solve complex problems with optimal solutions.

Experts in building customized solutions.

Our expertise in harnessing, manipulating and measuring the physical properties of light enables us to solve complex test and measurement challenges across a broad range of applications and industries.

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