By Kees Propstra,
VP Marketing & General Manager Quantifi Photonics USA

Following our recent announcement about joining COBO, I am excited to announce our membership of the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF).  

OIF is the leading global industry forum driving the promotion and definition of next generation optical networking solutions. Some of the hot topics that are currently under development are 800G Coherent and 400ZR, Co-Packaging, 112G and 224G Common Electrical Interfaces, and the CMIS management interface.

All of these areas are of critical importance to advance the optical interconnect technologies to the next level and support the ever-growing demand for optical networking bandwidth.

To this end, OIF’s mission aligns perfectly with our goal to support next generation optical interconnect solution developers with test solutions that span the entire product life cycle from R&D, to characterization/validation, all the way to volume manufacturing.

Our test solutions range from laser sources, polarization controllers to optical spectrum analyzers and densely integrated arrays of photodetectors (to name a few examples) and together comprise an ideal test bench for optical sub-assemblies, and photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

Quantifi Photonics has also been a leader in coherent optical analysis for over a decade and is ready to support the evolution of this bandwidth-efficient optical modulation format.

We are looking forward to cooperating with the OIF and all its members in the ecosystem and to help enable the next generation of optical interconnects.

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Testing Strategies for Next-Generation Optical Interconnects

In this white paper, Kees Propstra discusses industry trends in Integrated Photonics and how market participants are adapting to test and mass produce next-generation optical interconnects in a cost-effective manner.

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