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Download PXIe resources.

Download drivers, installation guides and user manuals for our PXI Express modules and controller below.

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PXIe software installation files

CohesionInstaller – 3.08.04.zipWindows single installer package to support and control Quantifi Photonics PXIe Modules. This software package is not required for Quantifi Photonics MATRIQ or EPIQ products.

Recommended operating system: Windows® 10 (64-bit).

Package contains:
– CSL Device Drivers 1.2
– CohesionDriver 3.05.06
– CohesionSCPI (Server) 3.05.06
– CohesionUI 3.08.04
– Cohesion Manager 3.00.06
– Cohesion Firmware Updater 3.00.12

Release date: 25 Oct 2023
Release NotesRelease notes for CohesionInstaller-v3.08.041KB3.08.04Download

*For previous versions of software please contact

PXIe programming example

LabVIEW programming exampleLabVIEW 2015+ instrument control driver for PXIe and MATRIQ instruments16.7MB3.0.1Download

PXIe quick start guides

PXI Quick Start Guide885KB3.00Download
PXI Software Installation Quick Start Guide632KB2.00Download
Programming Quick Start Guide1MB2.04Download
CohesionUI Quick Start Guide1.2MB2.02Download

PXIe user manuals

Laser 1000 Series (tunable laser) User Manual3.6MB4.04Download
Laser 1100 Series (FP laser) User Manual8.6MB2.00Download
Laser 1200 Series (DFB laser) User Manual8.9MB3.02Download
Laser 2000 Series (swept laser) User Manual5.8MB1.04Download
O2E User Manual3.5MB3.06Download
Switch 1000/1100/1300/1400 Series User Manual4MB4.02Download
Switch 1200 Series User Manual5.8MB2.00Download
VOA User Manual3.5MB3.04Download
Power 1400 Series User Manual3.3MB2.08Download
Power 1500 Series User Manual3.3MB1.08Download
Power 1600 Series User Manual2.8MB1.10Download
Doppler 1000 Series User Manual3.5MB2.06Download
OSA 1000 Series User Manual4.4MB2.04Download
BERT 1005 User Manual6.1MB2.04Download
EDFA 1000 Series User Manual3.5MB2.04Download
POL 1000 Series User Manual3.1MB2.04Download
POL 1200 Series User Manual9.4MB1.02Download
Passive User Manual6.8MB2.04Download
SLED 1000 Series User Manual2.6MB1.08Download
Tray User Manual1MB1.04Download