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Overcoming Today’s Transceiver Test Challenges

Scaling Transceiver Production

To enable the high-speed data transfer rates data center and silicon photonics applications require, engineers are significantly increasing the number of channels used to transmit and receive data. But these new designs are creating test bottlenecks for manufacturing as test equipment designed for R&D is bulky, extensive, and impractical for production test.

But we are removing the barriers to performing high-volume transceiver test. With the combination of our PXI-based PAM4 BERT and 288-channel power meter, we now offer the highest test channel density on the market – making rapid parallel test for optical transceivers possible.

Advantages of a PXI-based transceiver test platform

Proven on the production floor in many other applications, PXI-based testing is now available for optical transceiver test applications – bringing an open, intuitive platform without the rigor, cost, or bulk of traditional R&D testers.


Our PXI-based test platform can scale as optical transceiver test bandwidth demands move from 100 and 200G to 400 and 800G – mitigating risk and protecting your test equipment investment.


With an inherent distributed clock and the ability to add more modules without increasing footprint, you can perform mixed signal testing and incorporate third-party instruments in a single platform.


Accommodate 4, 8, 64 or even 512 channels to create a cost-effective solution for high-and-low-channel count applications, with the smallest high-performance BERT on the market.


When using either the PXI or MATRIQ platform for R&D test, quickly and seamlessly transition to manufacturing test using PXI with identical feature and remote-control command sets.


The PXI-based 29G PAM4 BERT brings the highest test channel density to the market in an open, scalable format. This extremely compact module offers 8 lanes of 29Gbaud PAM4 in a single PXIe module. Test engineers can easily scale to 64 synchronized channels in a single PXI chassis, or up to 512 channels by chaining eight chassis together, reducing cabling and maintaining a small, streamlined footprint. Plus, our BERT is incredibly easy to setup, configure, and control using our modern web-based CohesionUI user interface.

High-Density Optical Power Meter

Our new high-density optical power meter provides unrivalled channel density with up to 288 parallel channels in a single 1U rack-mountable instrument – a 10x improvement in density over current commercially available solutions. With our optical power meter, test engineers can perform rapid monitoring of signal power from -60 to +10 dBm across of broad wavelength range of 1250 to 1650 nm. This extremely high channel count instrument will be key for transceiver manufacturers as they work to roll out 800G transceivers and co-packaged optical network infrastructures.

White Paper

Testing considerations for high-density co-packaged optical devices

Learn how to tackle the new challenges of developing and
testing channel-dense co-packaged optical devices.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you using the PXI platform?

PXI is an open, easy-to-scale platform. Our PXIe optical and electrical test modules bring a wide range of new integrated optical and electro-optical test capabilities to the PXI platform.

How many channels can I test simultaneously?

Our BERT offers 8 lanes of 29Gbaud PAM4 per 2-slot module, and the ability to scale to 64 channels in a single PXI chassis, or up to 512 channels by chaining eight chassis together.

How do you configure your hardware?

Our web-based CohesionUI user interface can be used to easily configure and control all our PXIe instruments from a connected device with a modern web browser.

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